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At our Encinitas Center we offer a wide range of cleanse and detoxification products, nutritional supplements, raw foods, books, and holistic health tools that will help you to achieve inner bliss! Many clients choose to maximize the results of their colon hydrotherapy sessions by beginning a cleanse and detox program before the session. We have many different types of products ideal for the first time cleanser, or the experienced cleanser. We can customize a program to meet your needs so that you can succeed in reaching your wellness goals!

A few of the products we carry:

Colon Max    $25
Cleanse Max    $34
Green's First Alkalizing Powdered Greens    $42
Flora Max 50 Billion Probiotic Supplement    $37
Digest Max Digestive Enzymes    $28
Kale Chips    $7.50
Spirulina Ginseng Balls (Gluten Free)    $2
Ultimate Flora Max 50 Billion    $40

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