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We want you to experience abundant health and vitality!

You will achieve the best results from your colon hydrotherapy sessions if you also use cleansing products, and you will receive maximum results from your cleansing products if you also have colonics! Herbal cleansing programs compliment colon hydrotherapy because they start the break down of accumulated debris in the colon so that it can easily be washed away by the water during your colon hydrotherapy sessions. Herbal cleansing programs also include ingredients that help to detoxify other organs of elimination (such as the liver) and keep your body balanced and strong during the cleansing process. Clients who have completed our herbal cleanse and detoxification programs have reported the following results:

~ weight loss
~ increased energy
~ greater mental focus
~ strengthened immune systems
~ improved digestion
~ fewer food cravings
~ better eating habits
~ clearer vision
~ more stable emotions

Anyone can complete a cleansing program, as long as the program is customized to that individual's needs. At Inner Bliss, we will work with you to develop a program that meets your level of commitment, your financial resources, your busy schedule, and your lifestyle.

We carry cleansing products from the following manufacturers:

Arise and Shine
Renew Life
Garden of Life
and many more!

Please call us or let us know during your introductory consultation that you are interested in an herbal cleanse and detoxification program. You deserve it!

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